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It is very easy to send money through the UPI-based apps. The process is similar to all the UPI apps.

AN SBI Account is not required to configure SBI Pay App

You can Pay From Any Bank Account/ Debit Card Or Credit by this App


SBI Pay App Registration


The SBI UPI app needs your mobile number for the registration. To get it and authenticate it would ask the permission for send an SMS from your number. Thus you must have enough balance to send the SMS. Also, you should choose the SIM/number which is register with the bank account. Give permission of sending SMS and making a call.

The SBI pay would capture your number and ask it to verify. Click ‘Yes’.














VPA Registration

Now you have to fill details for the VPA registration. It starts with the setting desired virtual payment address. You can choose the VPA of your choice subject to availability. To create a VPA, you have to click on add a bank account. In the next step, you are asked to choose a VPA. The VPA has two parts like an Email ID for example Kishore@SBI, 95678490@SBI. The suffix would be fixed word i. e. @SBI, while you can choose the Prefix. The prefix can be your name, phone number or anything you want. It is similar to the choosing email ID. The early registrant would certainly get good VPA.

Give your name, email address, security question-answer and choose the bank which has your account. Click on the checkbox of terms and condition. Submit the form.

In the next page, you would be shown the last few digits of your account number. Be assured and click on ‘Register’ With this your registration of VPA is successful. Virtual payment address is used in place of bank account and IFSC to get the money.















sbi-pay-11Set MPIN

  • To make a payment you require a MPIN. You have to set the MPIN by giving your debit card details.
  • Go to the account management page, and select the desired account, if there is many. Click on Set MPIN.
  • Give the last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date.
  • You would get an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP into the given box.
  • Input your desired MPIN. With this, you set the MPIN for an account.



















sbi-pay-9How To Transfer Money Using SBI UPI APP

Transferring money through the SBI UPI App is as easy as sending an SMS. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the UPI-based app SBI Pay by entering 6 digit password. This is the same  password which you have set at the time of SBI pay registration.
  2. Go to the ‘Pay’ section
  3. Select an account from the drop-down list. There can be many accounts if you have added more than one account.
  4. Select the payee address type. It can be a VPA or bank account number. If you choose the bank account, you must have the bank account number and IFSC code
  5. Input the VPA of a payee. It will take the payee name automatically. This also verifies the VPA.
  6. Enter remarks and payment amount. Click on the ‘Pay’
  7. In the next page, you have to enter the MPIN. Submit the MPIN.
  8. It is over, you have transferred the money.




It is very easy to send money through the UPI-based apps. The process is similar to all the UPI apps.

Account details for UPI Payment Transfer