How Deal Works





GWS Daily is an local online shopping portal developed by Green Web Software Development P. Ltd. (GWS )

We serve deals to only registered members and notify them about every upcoming and running deals via email and SMS



Flow Of Purchase :- 

  1. Pick your product from the Today’s Deal 
  2. Decide your deal or offer you would like to go for
  3. Apply for the DD-Club membership accordingly
  4. Purchase your product from site on date offer is avaialbe
  5. Mail us your purchase details at
  6. You will receive your coupons on your registered mail  as per schedule -once your order is confirmed.
  7. Sent Mail to: – with your coupon code to activate that
  8. Wait for 24 working hour to get your coupon activated.
  9. Charge your coupon with the MAX Credit Value.


How To Charge My Coupon

Ref. Value = (Coupon Value)/ (Coupon Price * 2)

Example = >

Coupon Value = 11999

Coupon Price = 51

Ref. Value = 11999/ (51*2) = 117

With above matrix you will get to know how many ref you will have to bring to get you desired product on the value of your product.


Final Step:-

You will have to share your Coupon code with your friends/ family / social media / community / by Whatsapp / SMS / FaceBook etc.

Once your referred member purchase the coupon from site (“as you did previously “ ) your coupon will be charged double.

Your Referral has to put /Apply your coupon code at the time of checkout.

One you achieve referral equal to Ref. Value than you product will be dispatched to you without paying a single rupee extra as committed.


Keep Ref this site and keep shopping without money from “GWS Daily Deal”


Please explore the link to know more about what all kind of deals available on

Please explore the link to know more about what all type of membership available on

Those are not our member can also shop with us via our shopping partner ( Amazon ) from DEAL HOME 


Example How Member can take the advantages 

Click on Hot Deals Menu and explore all running deals with us

Suppose you want to buy Samsung S6 Edge –

What all deals and offers available with this item are mention there with dates

You will required membership plans according to offer you are interested

5% cash back is available with DD-100-club membership but it has deal shopping limit 5000 and if you want to take the advantage of 5% cash back you would be required DD-1000-Club Membership.

25000 worth shopping coupons available with this item and DD-1000-Club members are eligible for this.

This item is available on 1000 Flash sale on 30 Nov as well and DD-1000-Club members are eligible for this sale.